HiTRON Internet

Subscription to our Internet service is easy and fast

Our service is the best available in Port Moresby! We designed our system to address concerns and requests based upon customer feedback.

Our Internet Connections are:

tickbox (1K) Reliable
tickbox (1K) Very fast
tickbox (1K) Competitively priced
tickbox (1K) Allows you to choose your Bandwidth option
tickbox (1K) Allows you to pay based upon usage (no minimums)
tickbox (1K) Allows you to view your usage for 10t/Mb plans on-line daily
tickbox (1K) Gives you the freedom to select your preferred Domain Hosting Service.
tickbox (1K) Free of Charge installation
tickbox (1K)Unlimited plans are dedicated 1:1 (no contention / not shared)
tickbox (1K)Ultra Low Latency
tickbox (1K)Fibre Speed
tickbox (1K)Ideal for Cloud applications
tickbox (1K)Delivered via Licensed Microwave Network
tickbox (1K)Redundancy / Backup

Please contact us if you wish to sign up or require further information. We will also assist if you need to transfer your Domain.

We look forward to improving communications in your workplace!

Our recommended partner for domain and/or email hosting is PNGconnect:
- please click logo to go to the PNGconnect website

tickbox (1K) PNGconnect offers fast and reliable high performance web hosting services on servers based in Sydney/Australia

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