Satellite Broadband Services


Application Process:

The following processes will apply for customers who wish to apply for a service:

  1. Customer contacts HiTRON
  2. HiTRON will advise customer of basic service requirements. HiTRON will request appropriate details and prepare a quote for equipment, installation with terms and conditions.

Billing and Service:

The following procedures will apply:

  • Billing enquiries, payments and service level issues will be managed by HiTRON.
  • HiTRON will provide maintenance and service of the VSAT equipment for rented systems and on request for systems purchased outright.

Clarification Points:

  1. NICTA fees will be applied to each NewSat Terminal Installed:

NICTA fees will be applied to each HiTRON Vsat Terminal Installed. The current NICTA charges are Earth Station License Fee K950 plus GST per annum.

High performance satellite IP terminals that deliver broadband access with a high-speed return channel.

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